The week of 8/8- 8/12

As time goes on I find myself less tolerant with clutter so I took a few days to deal with the lathe and small assembly area of the shop.

I’m really liking the new setup and have future plans to make it even better.

So now that I have had my fun it was time to get to work on a small job I hope to have all done by tomorrow. The Bellows are supper old, I believe early 1800’s and are and the customer wants to display it by the fireplace/ wood stove. We decided to have it rest in front of the stonework of the mantle. So I will be making a cradle that will be minimal almost making it seem as it is floating.

I also was asked to make hooks for the broom, shovel, and poker.

The shovel will set like this.

The big news is I am working on a great new project with that i’m all jazzed up about. Will be working with Brian Jones of Brian Jones Woodworking to create a one of a kind wet bar. Here is the start of a brainstorming session that took place at the smithy. We got a lot done and have a solid plan to move forward.

A productive week!!