The week of 8/15- 8/19

Huntington River Smithy is going to be cutting the week short this week for some much needed R&R with family.
The tools of the craftsman….
The hammer and anvil:
This is my favorite hammer. The handle fits my hand quite nicely. The face and cross peen are compact allowing for much control. The weight is perfect for lots of work without tiring.
This anvil is set at a hight that allows me to swing hard without hurting my arm. I use it when doing lots of hand work. I have another anvil that sets higher for planishing work and bending/ straitening.

These are pickup tongs. They are 20″ long and used to pick hot stuff out of the forge or off the floor. I sometimes use these to hold large tooling. I have lots of tongs to hold all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Power hammer:
I have 2 power hammers. They do all the heavy forging work. Here is a short clip of what they are capable of doing.

So this week was short, but a bunch of important planning was done. I’ll be keeping this job under wraps for a while longer because the planning is nowhere near completion. Here is a sneak peek!
Stay tuned!