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The *weeks* of 9/12- 9/23

We are getting busy here at Huntington River Smithy so I will double up on the weeks projects and tell you about half of what we have been up to!
I got over to Charlotte to install hooks and hangers for fire place tool. Wonderful folk are all set for the winter warmth.


Quotes, drawings, and proposals. These two were done after talking with potential client. I hope they say yes, the drawings are not even close to what is rattling around in my head!!
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I also went to the Shelburne Museum to measure up a garden arbor that they are hoping to replicate. I have to make a proposal to be presented to the trustees. FINGERS CROSSED on this one!!

Mitra Designs asked me to help build a dry bar with Brian Jones of Brian Jones Woodworking and here are some progress pictures:

So here it is (Well the first of 4 pages). Reading plans is a must!

Measure twice cut once is the way it needs to go when working with stainless steel. Expensive!!

Lots of welding (TIG) and lots of lathe/ milling machine work. I will be polishing these up so they have that “brushed” look. A bunch of work!
Not pictured is the “wave”. I had thought I could cut the shape out using a plasma cutter but just did not like the results I was seeing on test runs. So I decided to have it water jet cut. The folk doing it will have it all done by mid week. I HOPE.

OKAY I believe I’ll leave it there and get back to work!