Posts made in August 2018

Been a while

Huntington River Smithy has been working pretty hard and really had little chance to do much else but work. Well I’m on vacation now so here is a post.

There were lots of jobs that came through the shop but this by far was the best. The clients were great and the builders are exceptional. Red House Builders is doing it right! A joy to work with. The job site atmosphere  was upbeat and everyone was willing to step up and help if need be. NOT the industry standard! More like it used to be in the trades back in the good old days.

I was asked to create a fireplace screen/ glass panel combination that would slide up and out of site when the fireplace was in operation. This operation was almost effortless and all turned out to the customers satisfaction.

As always I was unable to get true finish shots so I did a heavy edit on these pictures to remove all the tarps, tools, wires, and panels that had not been installed.